The invisible


Philippe Toulouse, Philippe Pascot

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“With the homeless, I have terrible images in my head. I've identified nearly 70 people in the morgues. The bodies were then buried in mass graves, quickly done, well done, without even looking for the families... One day, I got fed up and I denounced the lamentable way in which the homeless were treated in Dunkirk. I quickly understood behind the scenes in social action! Frontal independence and handcuffs everywhere. By defending homeless people, by creating relay houses with Dany Boon, I discovered the stranglehold of local barons on associations with the aim of capturing all state subsidies for personal enrichment. In this breathtaking story, worthy of a thriller, Philippe Toulouse recounts his fight, the intimidation, the death threats, the police custody that he was subjected to to keep him quiet. He comes out of it today totally cleared: he won all of his trials and brought down most of the local barons, including the mayor of the city.
The author

Philippe Toulouse, is an educator specializing in social action related to child protection and homeless people.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315009435