Understanding Rousseau

Marie-Pierre Frondziak, Laura Acquaviva

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Why are men, who need each other so much, always in opposition? This introduction to Rousseau's thought, based on his four major works: Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts, Discourse on Inequality, On the Social Contract and Emile, allows us to understand how this character against the current of his time is a precursor. Rousseau is one of the few thinkers of his time to denounce the idea of ​​progress, the source of human corruption. For him, it is a question of rethinking political society and changing it, with the aim of human emancipation from all powers.
The author

Marie-Pierre Frondziak teaches philosophy and is a facilitator at the Popular University of Evreux. She contributed to the collective work Le temps vivant (SEDES, 2013) and to the Dictionary of inequalities (Armand Colin, 2014). Laura Acquaviva is an illustrator and graphic designer. For Max Milo editions, she notably illustrated Understanding Foucault (Jean-Clet Martin, 2014) and Machiavelli (Denis Collin, 2015).

112 pages | ISBN: 9782315006397