Understanding Rimbaud

Alain Jugnon, Placid

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An attempt not to die at 17. Seriously, understanding Rimbaud? Like May illuminations? Like the revolution? Yes. Because it will have been necessary to understand. The Rimbauds who attack the republican order of the moment and who win it in the race of real life. This essay tries to contextualize the poetic creation of Rimbaud as a young and revolutionary poet, to get him out of the commentaries that for at least a hundred years have made him either a mystic or an original.
The author

Alain Jugnon is a free philosophy teacher in a public high school. He directs the reviews: Cahiers Artaud and La Contre-attack. PLACID is a French painter, draftsman, illustrator, and comic book author. Among other things, he collaborates with the magazine Mon Lapin Quotidien and the monthly CQFD.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315008667