Understanding Nietzsche

Romain Sarnel

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Who was Nietzsche? What was he thinking? What has been his journey, from his youthful years to his mature years? If we were to qualify Nietzsche's philosophy, we would call it joyful philosophy. Contrary to the clichés that hang over his name, Nietzsche is the philosopher of creativity and life. From an aesthetic point of view, it revolutionizes the theory of form. From the perspective of the theory of knowledge, it introduces creativity into the heart of knowledge processes. And from the point of view of the theory of being, it brings life back to the movement of reality. Nietzsche elaborated a real philosophical system, perspectivism, open, dynamic and fruitful. Assets that make Nietzsche's thought all the more fundamental and current.
The author

Doctor of philosophy, specialist in Nietzsche, Romain Sarnel is the most specialized translator. He is the author, among other things, of Logic of philosophical discovery, a study preceded by a new translation of Nietzsche's Prologue to Zoroaster (L'Arche Éditeur, 2000). Naema Bellart, a graduate in graphic design and plastic arts, is preparing a painting exhibition on the theme Portraits of philosophers.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315003778