Understanding The Prince of Machiavelli

Denis Collin, Laura Acquaviva

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Machiavelli has the reputation of being an immoral thinker. His most famous work, The Prince, is accused of being a manual of trickery and cynicism in politics. On the contrary, it invites us to look political and human reality in the face. Against illusions, moralizing speeches, it is a question of seeking the truth and adopting a scientific approach to seriously think about action. This introduction offers us the keys to understanding The Prince, the founding book of modern political thought, and the relevance of its teachings for our contemporary societies.
The author

Denis Collin is a professor of philosophy, doctor of letters and human sciences. He has published numerous works including Morale et justice sociale (Éditions du Seuil, 2001), Revive la République (Armand Colin, 2005) and with Max Milo editions, Le Cauchemar de Marx (2009), La Length de la Chaîne (2009) , Understanding Marx and Capital (2011). Laura Acquaviva is an illustrator and graphic designer. She has illustrated, among others, Understanding Foucault (Jean-Clet Martin, Max Milo, 2014) and Rousseau (Marie-Pierre Frondziak, 2015).

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315006410