If by chance

Jean-Baptiste Destremau

19,89 €
If by chance your whole world fell apart, would you go on an adventure? Claire is sixteen years old. She is on vacation in the American West when her family disappears in an accident - she escapes the drama. In disarray, overwhelmed by guilt, she decides that the chance by which she survived will now guide her life. From San Francisco to Tokyo, like a soul on borrowed time, she speeds through the stages of life, for better and for worse. Over the course of happy or tragic adventures, she gradually realizes that she carries within her the strength to create her destiny. This road movie-like initiatory novel strikes the perfect balance between a captivating plot and a fluid style. The accuracy of the feelings and the intensity of the story leave the reader no moment of respite.
The author

Jean-Baptiste Destremau is 41 years old. His first novel, Sonate de l'assassin, published in 2009 by Éditions Max Milo, won the special mention of the Arsène Lupin prize, and was acclaimed by critics.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782353410811