No mammo?

Breast cancer screening survey

Rachel Campergue

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Each year, the month of October is adorned with pink and countless placards calling for a crusade against breast cancer through mammography. Why such a desire on the part of public health officials, doctors, associations or laboratories? Are women really well informed of the risks they incur by undergoing such screening? And do the benefits they are promised really exist? Revolted by the obstinacy of gynecologists to impose mammography on her, Rachel Campergue conducted her own investigation. What she discovers is appalling. Infantilizing women, the public authorities promote confusion between prevention and screening. Doctors do not have adequate knowledge to guarantee that the consents they extract from their patients are actually “informed”. As for the associations, they are the agents of a lucrative business which above all benefits the manufacturers of health goods. The conclusion of this abundant work, precise and not devoid of humor, is without appeal: a cancer detected by mammography is not equivalent to a saved life, and, if you choose to spend one every two years, do knowingly.
The author

Rachel Campergue worked for 14 years as a physiotherapist before devoting 10 years of her life to filming sharks on the atoll of Rangiroa. Founding physician of the Vaud Tumor Registry in Lausanne and member of Formindep, Dr. Bernard Junod was, until 2009, teacher-researcher at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health in Rennes.

551 pages | ISBN: 9782315002931