Narco Business

The irresistible rise of the Mexican mafias

Babette Stern

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The most successful company in Mexico is not in the top 10 Aztec companies, nor is it registered in the legal commercial register. It is a consortium of drug cartels that floods the world market with illicit products, from cocaine to synthetic drugs to heroin, and whose money has infiltrated 81% of the economic and social fabric of the country. In four generations, the small Mexican smugglers of the 1920s have become the most influential mafia and financial powers on the planet. These capos are no longer craftsmen but bosses of multinationals, in suits and ties, who use the Internet and heavy artillery, live in upscale neighborhoods and are protected by men with “earpieces”. This investigation plunges us into the heart of the Mexican narco-business. The author paints a portrait of these men, sons of good families or peasants, who have become millionaire businessmen who cold-bloodedly eliminate those who get in their way: judges, police, prosecutors, journalists, politicians... and competitors. Through this story, it is also a country that takes shape: daily violence, immigration, poverty, corruption, politics and the question of its future: narco-dictatorship or rule of law?
The author

The journalist investigates the Mexican mafia, the main exporter of drugs in the world. Archival documents, newspapers and interviews with cartel members and historians enrich his analysis of this unprecedented industrial and commercial success.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315002825