Revenge of a Lonely

The true story of the founder of FACEBOOK

Ben Mezrich

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Mark Zuckerberg is a brilliant and talented Harvard student, particularly gifted in computers. But genius is not enough to make him popular. His social and sexual life is almost non-existent. One evening, he hacks into the university's trombinoscope and in a few hours creates a site to rate the girls on campus on their appearance. The success is immediate. The Facebook prototype was born. Helped by his only friend Eduardo Saverin, he developed the project. An extraordinary adventure ensues, populated by investors waving millions of dollars, beautiful women, two-meter twins who accuse Mark of plagiarism and want his life. As Facebook thrives, Mark and Eduardo's friendship sours. Today, 350 million people are connected but… the two friends no longer speak to each other. Revenge of a Loner is the fascinating story of a simple geek turned billionaire and above all that of one of the greatest successes in the history of the Internet. A breathtaking view behind the scenes of digital capitalism.
The author

Born in 1969, a Harvard graduate, Ben Mezrich has published eleven books that have sold millions of copies worldwide. One of them gave rise to the film Las Vegas 21. David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) has just shot the adaptation of this book, The Social Network.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782353410798