Disobey to save Europe

Steve Ohana

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Since the start of the euro crisis, European institutions have lost their legitimacy. Unsuitable economic dogmas and binding rules of governance have been imposed on all European countries: competitiveness, austerity, reforms, rescue plans, fiscal pact are impasses which lead straight to the collective suicide of Europe. No alternative was offered. No democratic debate could take place. Europe has been transformed into a reformatory of which Germany has taken full control, hijacking the main European institutions (European Commission, European Central Bank, etc.) to its advantage. Steve Ohana demonstrates that Europe could and should have acted differently. As a strong country in the euro zone, France must today disobey “German Europe” and rebuild the foundations of a new, democratic, just and prosperous Europe.
The author

Steve Ohana is professor of finance at ESCP Europe and co-founder of Riskelia. He has contributed to several collective works, including Perspectives Energétiques, (Ellipses 2013) and has written numerous analyzes for scientific journals.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315004836