Teenagers, the end of innocence

Investigation into drifting sexuality

Géraldine Levasseur

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Hundreds of young teenagers interviewed. An exclusive immersion in a brigade of miners. The greatest childhood specialists encountered. Pornography has invaded our daily lives. The rawest images are accessible to everyone on the Internet and omnipresent in the urban setting. With their mobile phones, teenagers make their own films and broadcast them. Uncontrolled, fantasies massively influence a confused generation barely out of childhood. Badly assimilated, they sometimes provoke violent and staggering passages to the act in the eyes of adults. D., a 12-year-old girl from a wealthy family, thus becomes the martyr of a gang of boys. His story opens this book. Such more or less serious slippages, the minors' brigade sees them every day. The author immersed herself in their services to try to understand on the spot the trivialization of deviant sexual behavior in our children. Disarmed, parents, institutions and society want to hide their face. However, a question arises: will the beginning of the second millennium mark the end of innocence?
The author

Géraldine Levasseur is a journalist for Forbidden Zone and Marie Claire. She received the Investigation Prize from the 2008 Angers International Scoop and Journalism Festival.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410484