My associate Fidel Castro

Story of the incredible adventure of a Frenchman in Cuba

Michel Villand, Francis Mateo

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Fidel turns to me again: - Why did you come to Cuba? - To earn money! I answer in a tone of evidence, almost smiling, and Fidel does the same: - I'm glad you're coming to earn some money, that way I'll earn more than you! This reflection also reveals to me the state of mind that reigns in Cuba. History, business, power, love, politics, revolution... These are some of the ingredients of this Cuban adventure, a real tour de force of a French entrepreneur in Havana. It is the unique journey of a pioneer who, in order to create a chain of French bakeries in Cuba, is forced to make Fidel Castro his "partner". It is a dive into the paradoxical daily life of the Cuban people, who swing between laughter and despair, between passion and nonchalance. We meet François Mitterrand, Lionel Jospin, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the singer Mireille Mathieu, the Olympic boxing champion Félix Savon, Gérard Bourgoin, the Castro brothers and many other heroes of a revolution that never ends die. You can also breathe the air of Havana, saturated with humid heat and sensuality. It's a real economic-political thriller. And the most amazing thing, without a doubt, is that everything told there is very real!
The author

Michel Villand is a businessman, born in Saint-Malo in 1938. Remarried to a Cuban, he now lives in Andalusia among its olive trees. Francis Matéo is a freelance journalist, he lives in Barcelona where he works as a correspondent for French newspapers, and cultivates an intact passion for Cuban history, politics and culture.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782848790022