Indecency precedes gasoline

Investigation into a Total scandal

Thomas Porcher

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Did you know that lower oil prices are almost never passed on fairly at the pump? That oil companies sacrifice their own refineries? That they do not pay taxes, manipulate information and arrange between themselves to avoid any competition? The announcement of the profits of the oil companies, in the first place Total, arouses each year reactions of admiration or indignation on the part of observers, experts and French politicians. But what do these numbers hide? Thomas Porcher unveils eight scandalous practices of the gas giants. The goal: to encourage collective denunciation and vigilance, which alone will lead governments to act for the good of citizens.
The author

Thomas Porcher made the government react in 2011 with his study pointing out the bad repercussions at the pump of lower oil prices. He has a doctorate in economics, a professor of commodity markets at ESG-MS and a lecturer in international economics at the University of Paris-Descartes. An oil specialist, he has worked for the European Union and oil companies.

96 pages | ISBN: 9782315003518