lucifer's banker

How I broke Swiss banking secrecy

Bradley Birkenfeld

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"This man broke banking secrecy" The Washington Post "This whistleblower should have had his statue on Wall Street, instead we send him to prison" New York Daily News "Without Mr. Birkenfeld, the US government US Couldn't Have Uncovered This Massive Fraud” Attorney General This thriller is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the global banking industry. Bradley Birkenfeld works for the world's largest bank, UBS, where the ultra-rich hide their millions from tax authorities in a secretive and complex network of numbered accounts and offshore companies. In 2007, feeling the tide turn, UBS tried to cover itself by letting go of its bankers and secretly compromising them. Bradley Birkenfeld sees red and decides to report the entire operation of the bank to the authorities. More than 15 billion dollars have thus been recovered on the basis of the unprecedented information of Bradley Birkenfeld. He breaks Swiss banking secrecy and uncovers the biggest tax fraud in history. However, the US Department of Justice wants to silence him and accuses him of conspiracy. Birkenfeld is arrested and must serve thirty months in prison.
The author

Bradley Birkenfeld, 53, a graduate of Norwich University, is now retired from finance. He lives in Europe and travels the world to help whistleblowers.

352 pages | ISBN: 9782315008803