The complaint

Avital Ronell

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Who has never complained? Of his work, of his parents, of his life… Unlike indignation, the complaint is lasting. It contaminates our speeches and our existence as complainants. Philosophy brings no consolation, but it can distinguish the insufferable whiners from the lucid complainers. Because there is much to complain about in the face of the world as it is. But to whom? And how ? The philosopher Avital Ronell opens the register of eternal and occasional complaints. With a provocative and humorous style, Avital Ronell creates a philosophical theater where she exposes the grievances of her friends: Hamlet, Derrida, Werther, Arendt...
The author

Great figures of American philosophy: professor at the European Graduate School and at New York University, also nicknamed the dark lady of the campuses, punk philosopher, detective and thug. His books have been widely translated into French: Stupidity (Stock, 2002), Telephone Book (Bayard, 2006), American philosophy (Stock, 2006), Test drive (Stock, 2009), Addict: Fixions et narcotextes (Bayard, 2009), Losers: the lost figures of authority (Bayard, 2015).

272 pages | ISBN: 9782315008100