Puy du fou

The Great Betrayal

Christine Chamard

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This is the story of a shattered dream: that of volunteers, historic owners of Puy du Fou, who find themselves dispossessed of the fruit of forty years of dedication and enthusiasm. To achieve this result, Philippe de Villiers and his son Nicolas proceeded by successive small touches. Unceremoniously dismissing those who got in their way, causing the departure of hundreds of Puyfolais, they transferred to their family the governance and quasi-ownership of the entire Puy du Fou group, contrary to what they continue to assert in the media. Through numerous and moving testimonies and based on indisputable quantified documents, the author restores the true history of Puy du Fou and pays tribute to its Pioneers, emblematic figures of a success that owes them everything.
The author

A former journalist, first at Valeurs Actuelles then in the regional press, based in Vendée since 1993, Christine Chamard was a volunteer at Puy du Fou for almost twenty years.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315008889