femme fatales

Criminals approached by an expert

Michèle Agrapart-Delmas

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For a long time, women who displayed their character were demonized, like witches or poisoners. But for the most part, the collective unconscious tends to believe them to be innocent, naive, victims. It took an unprejudiced expert who had met hundreds of criminals to draw up an inventory of female crime, beyond myths and clichés. Because today female criminality is growing, especially among minors. Approximately 166,000 women, including 15,000 minors, are implicated annually by the police and gendarmerie services. Incestuous, vengeful, infanticidal, scammers, psychopathic teenagers, passionate lovers, accomplices of murderers or burglars: the author, drawing on her experience, paints captivating portraits of those who, throughout history and today, fascinate and scare as much as men, if not more.
The author

Psychologist criminologist, expert approved by the Court of Cassation, and the Court of Appeal of Paris, in charge of teaching and research at the Institute of Criminology of Paris (Panthéon-Assas Paris II), the author published De l criminal expertise in profiling (Éditions Favre, 2001, National Gendarmerie Literary Prize 2002).

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410712