300 per hour

The price of my freedom

Mathilde Davril

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Released on March 09, 2022

“Being invited to a restaurant and having sex with a virtual stranger, is that disguised prostitution or good education? Is marrying a man for his situation a way of monetizing his body? Where is the limit between an interested seduction and an assumed prostitution? Isn't it just the cash exchanged that changes the situation?
I am Mathilde, alias Mathilda, I am 37 years old and prostitute myself to be a free woman. Most often occupying low-paid jobs like a large majority of women, I decided in parallel with my CDI, to become an escort to get out of my social condition and no longer be a free and disposable object. I have been leading this double life for ten years and today men, but also women, respect me for who I am. I love this life and I fully accept it. »
In this extraordinary story, Mathilde takes us on a discovery of an activity that fascinates and that no one talks about in this way. From her family to her friends, from her lovers to her clients, from her job to her first pass, she shares her way of life openly because her reality does not need to be hidden.

The author

Mathilde has been an executive assistant, sales manager in the press, communications manager and company manager in business aviation. Coming from a modest background, Mathilde Davril had a happy childhood and did not experience any violence, rape or abuse.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315010127