An almost perfect mother

mother and prostitute

Krystèle A., Françoise Gil

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This book is a scream. That of Krystèle, 47, mother of 5 children and home escort for more than 10 years. Her chaotic journey, her blows to the heart and body, her love for her children, her doubts and her joys shed light on a moving and invigorating story. How can you be a mother and a prostitute? How can you welcome customers into your home without anyone, neither the neighbors nor the children, knowing about them... or almost? How can you preserve your role as a mother in such a demanding job? In this testimony, Krystèle tears the veil of hypocrisy that hides the existence of these women who are both sex workers and almost perfect mothers. Between burlesque anecdotes, small daily dramas and existential angst, the author immerses us in his existence with a poignant sincerity, skilfully tinged with humor.
The author

Krystèle A., born in 1973, lives in the south of France.

252 pages | ISBN: 9782315009442