Controlled appellation whores

Gabrielle Partenza, Lucile Richardot

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“I assume everything. Bitch I always will be, in my head, in my way of being, acting and thinking”. Gabrielle Partenza, in a whirlwind of anecdotes, life and street scenes and above all ideas… not accepted, confides that she freely chose to prostitute herself for thirty years. "Gaby" affirms with conviction that all roads lead to hustlers. Whores are of unrecognized public utility. They are real occupational physicians and a carnal prosthesis for all the neglected of our society... But his profession is now in danger: "artisanal" prostitution, free and independent, is suffering from competition from networks of traffickers exploiting daughters of the East and Africa. Far from fighting against this veritable slave trade, recent laws are destroying an age-old socio-cultural tradition, which had turned into a service of public utility. Gaby evokes the drama of these thousands of women who, in their fifties, will find themselves without means of existence. It describes a tradition, which a laborious social and legal evolution had nevertheless well framed. She is alarmed by the dangers that will result from a clandestine, uncontrollable profession, carrying diseases, misery and crime. For the author, the tragedy is not the act of prostitution but the conditions of exercise that are allowed for this activity. Without self-pity or inappropriate sentimentality, Gaby thus recounts the little-known aspects, the advantages and even the little secrets of the trade. In a "rough foundry" language, it defends a social achievement. And why not the PAC, the Pute d'Appellation Contrôlée, to safeguard a trade as old as the world?
The author

Gabrielle Partenza, a prostitute for thirty years, is a member of the association "Les amis du Bus des Femmes", an association fighting for the recognition of prostitutes and which helps women in danger.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782914388375