There will be no Palestinian state

diary of a negotiator in Palestine

Ziyad Clot

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“I bought a plane ticket El Al. Destination Ben Gurion airport. Tel Aviv. Israel. 60 years ago, my mother was born a few dozen kilometers away. In Haifa, Palestine.” Thus begins the story of the "return" of Ziyad Clot, grandson of Palestinian exiles. In Ramallah, he accepted a position as legal adviser to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and became a negotiator, participating in the talks that were to lead to the creation of the Palestinian state before the end of 2008. But he quickly resolved himself: “The peace process is a spectacle, a farce, which is played out to the detriment of Palestinian reconciliation, at the cost of the bloodshed in Gaza. And I am in the process of becoming, in spite of myself, one of the actors in this drama. The author immerses us in the heart of the peace process, reveals the pretenses, the maneuvers of the parties carried out behind the scenes and the internal and international rivalries which contribute to fueling the fantasy of the two-State solution. This edifying testimony, steeped in personal history, shows how and why the negotiations aimed at creating the Palestinian State became futile. For the former negotiator, a peaceful solution to this conflict can only pass through a single state within which Palestinians and Israelis will have to live together. This hybrid country, "Israeltine", is already there.
The author

Ziyad Clot was born in 1977. His maternal family is of Palestinian origin. French, he has lived in Paris, Egypt, Israel/Palestine and the Gulf. A lawyer, he graduated from Paris II Assas University and Sciences Po.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315001385