Algerian War: Diary of a Peacemaker

Behind the scenes of the French State from 1959 to 1976

Jean-Marie Robert, Hugues Robert

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Released February 22, 2022

Jean-Marie Robert, sub-prefect of Akbou from 1959 to 1962, was one of the first statesmen to condemn the abuses of the French army and the fate of refugees during the Algerian war. He worked daily to bring more justice and rights to his constituents, despite a context of armed struggle.
After 1962, the high official continued to act in the shadows and to come to the aid of the families of harkis, abandoned in their country or parked in the unsanitary camps of Rivesaltes and Larzac. He was the first to alert the French authorities to the massacre of 100,000 harkis by the FLN.
The Diary of a Peacemaker is therefore an important contribution to history. Based on hundreds of letters and unpublished documents found by his son in 2017, he shows us what was happening behind the scenes of the state between 1959 and 1976, and he allows us to better understand the still problematic issues of Franco-French relations. -Algerians.

The author

Hugues Robert, born in April 1954, lived in Morocco and then in Algeria from 1954 to 1962. Working in many professions (railroad worker, construction worker, freelancer, printer, tour operator, publisher, journalist), he was for a long time at odds with his dad. It was on the death of the latter that he recovered, in the family attic, crucial archives on the Algerian war.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315010073