Become who I am

Delphine Philbert

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At 50, Didier, married with two children, realizes who he is: a woman, Delphine. This evidence, repressed during thirty years of ill-being and wanderings, takes everything in its path: his wife who demands a divorce, his children who reject her, his parents who resent his transidentity. Delphine navigates between the hope of finally living fully and the despair which sometimes returns, like a painful leitmotif: "Dead rather than trans". It is the story of her transition that she tells us, between first outings dressed as a woman and medical tourism, but also a fight: that of the recognition of transgender people by society. It is neither a choice, nor a mental pathology, nor a question of sex; for this very reason, she refutes the term “transsexuality”. But, in the 21st century, the state is still reluctant to grant trans people their rights: why is it so complicated to change marital status? Why are they forced to undergo surgery and sterilization? How to find an employer, travel without unpacking his private life when his identity card does not match his physique? Through her testimony, Delphine deconstructs our prejudices and challenges our norms, with the hope that, little by little, in our societies, gender will take precedence over sex.
The author

Didier, husband and father, becomes aware of his true identity: he is a woman, Delphine. She tells the story of her transition, and her fight for the recognition of transgender people by society.

220 pages | ISBN: 9782315001408