French one more effort if you want to be a republican

Marquis de Sade, Alex Barbier

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Of all the blasphemous and revolutionary texts by the Marquis de Sade, The Fifth Dialogue of Philosophy in the Boudoir, also known as French, One More Effort If You Want to Be Republicans is arguably the most violent. Also the most current. Sade carries there with unequaled fury the brand of freedom in the two oldest systems of oppression of the human race, those of the scepter and the censer, so often associated. It is in these pages that Philosophy in the boudoir best justifies its title and that Sade most majestically attains the status of philosopher. None of the clandestine heirs of the “Divin Marquis”, Marx, Kropotkin, Proud'hon or any other revolutionary has noted, or no doubt wanted to note, the devastating excess of the subject. Two centuries later, indeed, the scandalous ferocity and obscenity remain intact and make these pages a radioactive material of language. However, this ferocity and this very obscenity contribute in an essential way to the effectiveness of the subject: all decency would be no more than a veil of lead intended to weaken the radiation of these explosive texts.
The author

Donatien Alphonse François de Sade, born June 2, 1740 in Paris and died December 2, 1814 in Charenton-Saint-Maurice, was a man of letters, novelist, philosopher, long condemned to anathema because of the part granted in his works with eroticism and pornography, associated with acts of violence and cruelty. Alex Barbier, born March 15, 1950 in Saint-Claude and died January 29, 2019 in Saint-Claude, is a French comic book author and painter.

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