TV lobotomy

The scientific truth about the effects of television

Michel Desmurget

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Sophie, 2 years old, watches TV for 1 hour a day. This doubles his chances of having attention problems as he grows up. Lubin, 3 years old, watches TV 2 hours a day. This triples his chances of being overweight. Lina, 15, watches shows like Desperate Housewives. This triples her chances of experiencing an unwanted early pregnancy. Henri, 60, watches TV 4 hours a day. René, his twin, is satisfied with half. Henri is twice as likely to die of a heart attack as René. For specialists, including the author, there is no longer any doubt: television is a scourge. It exerts a profoundly negative influence on intellectual development, language, attention, imagination, violence, sleep, addictions, sexuality, body image, eating behavior, obesity and life expectancy.
The author

Michel Desmurget is a doctor in neuroscience. After having attended several major American universities (MIT, Emory, UCSF), he is now research director at INSERM. He is the author of Mad in USA (Max Milo, 2008).

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315001453