My place in the sun

30 years living together with AIDS

Jean Jacques Simon

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“This tall, talkative man has a unique career path. Liberation At 30, Jean-Jacques Simon, known as Jako, is a drug addict. He knows only squats and prison, until the day when the disease falls on him: AIDS. We are in the heart of the 1980s, nothing yet exists to fight this virus. However, against all odds, it is the latter, his monkey as he calls him, who saves Jako from heroin and the streets. For 30 years, he has lived with him. He tells us the story of this extraordinary coexistence and gives us a lively and colorful life lesson.
The author

Jean-Jacques Simon actively campaigns for the decriminalization of cannabis for therapeutic use. He is the author of Briefs from the inside, views from the outside (Hors commerce, 2004) which depicts his experience of the prison environment.

144 pages | ISBN: 9782315006458