The hypocrite's oath

Medical secret: the great shipwreck

Jean Jacques Tanquerel

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"Dr. Tanquerel, to whom strictly no professional misconduct is accused, is ousted from his post for having locally held an ethical position of respect for medical secrecy...". Extract from the letter from Avenir Hospitalier addressed to the Ministry of Health. Because he wanted to reveal a national scandal, Dr. Tanquerel paid a high price: public humiliation, trial for incompetence, blackmail, intimidation and shelving. The violation of medical secrecy would however be practiced by 80% of hospitals. Since 2008, public hospitals have been subject to a profitability requirement. Paid by Health Insurance for each service performed, they call on private companies that check medical records to ensure that no action has been forgotten. To do this, they have access with impunity to all of our confidential data… This book is the detailed account of an incredible professional turmoil in which financial interests and the rights of patients clash.
The author

Jean-Jacques Tanquerel has been a hospital doctor for thirty years and a trainer in the field of medical information at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health (EHESP) in Rennes.

176 pages | ISBN: 9782315005024