The Quran and the Flesh

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed

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“The revival or reform of Islam will not happen alone, we must act. In my opinion, homosexuality, whatever people say, is not a choice; and you would have to be crazy to choose to be homosexual when you come from the socio-cultural background where I come from. Fortunately, here in France, it is no longer a crime. I think it's the representation that some French people of the Muslim faith have of their religion, not Islam itself, that is the problem. It is the human being in all his complexity, his knowledge, his freedom of self-determination, his capacity for empathy, which make him a creator of possibilities, the successor of God on earth according to the teachings of the Koran. I understood that homosexuality as we experience it today, at least as French law allows us to experience it, does not go against the principles of an enlightened Islam. »
The author

Born in Algiers in 1978, Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed grew up between France and Algeria. He is a doctoral student in anthropology of the religious fact on the question of Islam and homosexuality. He created several associations, including HM2F (Muslim Homosexuals of France). He is the first French Muslim to be religiously married to a man.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315003488