Why We Are Not Christians

40 writers and philosophers, 40 answers


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"After Auschwitz", it was not so much art that became impossible. Rather, it is the Christian who “will have lived”. There will not have been “the Christians”, when it was necessary. Michel Deguy Ridiculing religion is a virtue. Blasphemy is, more than ever, not only excusable, but necessary. Patrick Declerck Bearing witness to an extinct Christianity, the corpse of God is removed from any recapture of his death by the living. The era of “to put an end to the judgment of God” is consummated. Véronique Bergen With texts by: Malek Abbou, Bernard Andrieu, Éric Arlix, Antonin Artaud, Bernard Aspe, Sylvain Auroux, Georges Bataille, Franco Berardi, Véronique Bergen, Julien Blaine, Benoît Casas, David Christoffel, Patrick Declerck, Michel Deguy, Denis Diderot, Philippe Di Folco, Camille Dumoulié, Maurice Godelier, Ludovic Hary, Alain Helissen, Alain Jugnon, Jean-Pierre Klein, the Count of Lautréamont, Jean-Clet Martin, Quentin Meillassoux, Luis de Miranda, Didier Moulinier, Joseph Mouton, Jean -Luc Nancy, Friedrich Nietzsche, Guillaume Paoli, Serge Quadruppani, Olivier Razac, Fernando Savater, Ian Soliane, Bernard Stiegler, Michel Surya, Laurent de Sutter, Bruno Tackels.

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