not so zen

The dark side of the Dalai Lama

Maxime Vivas

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Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Dalai Lama, sheltered under his saffron toga, embodies the martyrdom of a Tibet subjected to the Chinese yoke. A symbol of wisdom, it brings together crowds all over the world. Sacred, adulated: who would question this living god who claims to carry with him the hope of freedom for an entire people? Maxime Vivas dares to attack the myth: what if the Dalai Lama was a theocrat who filled the coffers of his palaces with gold while the Tibetans were only serfs who were refused any education? And if, as a good opportunist, he held a changing speech with regard to the Chinese, sometimes friends, sometimes enemies? What if he plays into the hands of the Americans and the CIA more than the Tibetans he claims to defend? Based on the words of the Dalai Lama, on the testimonies of proselytes as well as on his own trip to Tibet, the author paints a vitriolic portrait of "His Holiness" and shows us that everything is not so Zen. in the realm of Buddha.
The author

Maxime Vivas, journalist, is co-administrator of the alternative information site He also hosts a cultural program on Radio Mon Païs and was literary referent for ATTAC-France. He published The hidden side of Reporters Without Borders. From the CIA to the Pentagon hawks (Aden, 2007).

131 pages | ISBN: 9782315002900