The school faced with religious obscurantism: The OBIN report

20 personalities comment on a shocking National Education report

Alain Seksig, Paul-François Paoli

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Young girls forced to shave the walls because they don't dress "properly", high school teachers supposed to justify a history lesson on the Crusades, pupils who refuse to draw a map of France "because that it is not their country”, threats, sometimes physical, against teachers who evoke a text by Voltaire on Muhammad… Should we play a requiem for secular schools? Who can maintain that nothing worrying happens in certain colleges and high schools? Certainly not the authors of the “Obin report”, commissioned and then concealed by the national education system, on the signs and manifestations of religious affiliation in schools. Written on the basis of a field survey throughout France, by a team of general inspectors, this text concludes with the need, for the educational institution and all of its players, to reaffirm the fundamental values ​​of Republic, in the forefront of which secularism. 20 personalities react. They comment, each according to their perspective, on the trivialization of racist and anti-Semitic insults in certain high schools, the rise of sexism, the impoverishment of the linguistic level of pupils... In certain academies, there is no school which knows, with more or less intensity, tensions similar to those described here. But this is not inevitable, says the “Obin report” and, with it, its commentators.

384 pages | ISBN: 9782914388948