The flowering principle

Way to make worlds

Thierry Marin

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Christianity waged a war against paganism and its vegetable ways of making worlds, which were relegated to indifference or mere ornamentation. Repressed, they never ceased to spring up: in philosophy, but also in architecture or literature. The description of the Gothic cathedral, the Muslim arabesque or the Proustian novel, for example, open up a new field for aesthetics, understood as the set of experiences made on a common world to create new worlds. A principle of flowering released at grass level and the growth of plants then replaces the principle of sacrificial reason perched on the overhang of the world, which makes us incapable of hearing the imperceptible forces of vegetable growth. As a first step on the path of a new philosophy of Nature...
The author

Thierry Marin, born in 1971, has a doctorate in Letters and Arts. Program Director for the period 2007-2013 at the International College of Philosophy, he leads a seminar entitled The decapitated plant. He has notably published Les deux versants de l'oeuvre de JMG Le Clézio: crazy mirrors with an Indian face (Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 1999).

416 pages | ISBN: 9782315003105