The twelve selves of Gregory:

Is my personal development sustainable?

Grégoire Lacroix

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Grégoire is now known for the delicacy of his humor. To all the readers who, after the success of Les Euphorismes, wanted to know more about the deep personality of the author, he replies: “I have twelve Me. Sometimes a thirteenth Me in good years. There is, for example, the Wise-I and the Macho-I: “My Macho-I, in its naivety, sometimes believes itself to be in love with a woman, whereas it is in love with itself through the happiness that he gives him... My Wise-I is obsessed with punctuality: he told me himself that if he had been Robinson Crusoe and Friday had only arrived on Saturday, he would not have survived! Grégoire also devotes several funny and poetic pages to the "territory of others", to life, to faith, to nature, to destiny. We bet that his mischievous words will once again be widely listened to, with a smile on their face. So that our lives are made of less "nonsense"...
The author

Jazz guitarist, creator of photo-removals, lyricist of definitively unknown songs, member of the Alphonse Allais Academy, Minister of Associated Pleasures, founder of the avoidance philosophy, Grégoire Lacroix is ​​a sensitive and funny author, like his Euphorias.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782353410286