The world belongs to the talkers

Jean Jacques Malherbe

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"Introducing play into your world will make you even better and help you achieve your goals." Talking is an art. Convince a sesame. There is a speaker within you who will allow you to reach your dreams using the magic of words. In this essential and humorous text, full of references, Jean-Jacques Malherbe, speech expert and actor, offers remedies for the ills inherent in any speech in public, in a meeting or in front of an audience. What are the gestures to avoid, how to prepare your speech or captivate your audience from the first second? On the strength of his experience as a trainer, the author offers concrete situations, through various exercises: a real practical notebook to gently teach us the BABA of the power of the speaker, and therefore of power in general.
The author

Jean-Jacques Malherbe, actor, trainer and founder of the site www.beau, has become an expert in the observation of behavior and has trained several thousand speakers in the fields of public speaking, media-training , mastering the professional image, leading meetings and managing conflicts.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782353410415