think with your ears

François Noudelmann

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What if we took the plugs off our ears to finally hear the sound of ideas? Thought makes noise, we have forgotten it: great din or slight rustling. The voice of the philosophers, their accents, are part of their thinking. Even in their writings we hear cries and whispers. From the acoustic devices of Antiquity to the use of the microphone today, François Noudelmann places his stethoscope on philosophy. It studies the sound environments most favorable to reflection and proposes a sound ecology of thought.
The author

François Noudelmann has written essays on literature and philosophy, translated into a dozen languages, including Le Génie dulie (Max Milo 2015), Les Airs de famille, une philosophie des affinités (Gallimard 2012), Le Toucher des philosophes. Sartre, Nietzsche and Barthes on the piano (Gallimard 2008, Grand Prix des Muses). He directed the International College of Philosophy and was a producer at France-Culture. He is now a professor at New York University where he directs the Center for French Language and Cultures.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315008933