Leo Tolstoy

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In this fantastic tale, the characters are a cobbler, his wife, a neighbor who has adopted two children, a barine and finally a stranger, a fallen angel who does penance on earth. The highest thoughts, the sublime acts are presented under the appearance of insignificant facts. The language of these people is that of all the peasants, who are stingy with their words, but beneath this little story hovers a sublime and consoling philosophy, a philosophy summed up in the single word of Christ: “love one another” . The mystical love of human beings, the truly revolutionary vision of Christianity, shines out there even more than clearly than in its best-known texts.
The author

Leon Tosltoï (1828-1910), a great Russian novelist, is the author of an immense fresco of contemporary Russian history. Childhood (1852), Adolescence (1854), Youth (1857), Tales from the Caucasus (1853) and Sevastopol (1855-1856), The Snow Storm (1856), The Two Hussars (1856), The Cossacks ( 1859), Marital Happiness (1859), Death of Ivan Illitch (1886), War and Peace (1865-1869), Anna Karenina (1875-1877), The Power of Darkness (1886), The Fruits of Education (1889), Kreutzer Sonata (1891), Mikhail (1893), Father Serge (1898), Resurrection (1899), The Living Corpse (1900), Hadji Mourad (1904).

128 pages | ISBN: 9782914388009