Autopsy of a dreamer

Jean-Baptiste Destremau

18,00 €
That night, he was suddenly awakened in the middle of a dream. It was no use turning over in bed, seeking calm, slowing his breathing to recover his senses, nothing helped. He had forgotten the dream he had just left so abruptly. In the morning, he realized that he was going to have to spend the day without a delectable memory of his night. Pierre Morel has no particular talent, apart from a quite exceptional ability to dream. At 40, he questions his tidy life: what's the point of living without bringing a piece of himself to seven billion people, without signing his passage on earth? He decides to take advantage of his nights by carrying out his dreams. But what if dreams turned into nightmares? A thriller that takes us into the psychological intricacies of an individual capable of creating his own madness.
The author

Novelist, Jean-Baptiste Destremau is the author of Sonata de l'assassin (Max Milo 2009) which received the Prize for the first novel at the Chambéry festival, and of If by chance (Max Milo 2010) which is currently the subject of of a film adaptation.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315004881