The Euphorisms of Grégoire Vol. 1

Grégoire Lacroix

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A euphoria can be: Metaphysics: A cross seen in profile loses much of its interest. Provocative: Relaxation I am for, moreover I always have my finger on it. Ironic: When we have nothing more to say to each other, we talk about communication Amoral: Raising the elbow is the best way not to give up. Cautious: Where the cul-de-jatte has feet, do not dive head first. Absurd: A decapitated eunuch has neither head nor tail.
The author

Jazz guitarist, creator of photo-removals, lyricist of definitively unknown songs, member of the Alphonse Allais Academy, Minister of Associated Pleasures, founder of the avoidance philosophy, Grégoire Lacroix is ​​a sensitive and funny author, like his Euphorias.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782914388986