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Grégoire Lacroix

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Paris-Pontoise: In pastry, low cost version of Paris-Brest. Leu Leu: Medieval, stuttering wolf who always chases after his tail. Negative Number: Mathematical expression of “less than nothing”. Humorous Hecatomb: Together of all those who died of laughter. What they say: François Morel — Thank you for thinking so well for us… Jean d'Ormesson I really appreciated the finesse of your humour… Amélie Nothomb Only the word “amazing” is appropriate to describe your book. Your spirit will save the world!
The author

Jazz guitarist, creator of photo-removals, lyricist of definitively unknown songs, member of the Alphonse Allais Academy, Minister of Associated Pleasures, founder of the avoidance philosophy, Grégoire Lacroix is ​​a sensitive and funny author, like his Euphorias.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315007035