Grégoire Lacroix

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Grégoire Lacroix, after having already enchanted Pierre Perret, Claude Gagnière, Claude Duneton, Michel Legrand, Philippe Bouvard, Jean Amadou and Claude Lelouch, among others, returns with a new selection of 365 funny, poetic and irresistibly lucid euphorias for a euphoric year. “I like people who have the courage of my opinions” “To raise the debate very high is an elegant way of losing sight of it. » « Not wanting to die stupid is to admit that one would like to be eternal. » « The towel is never more than a dishcloth that has succeeded. “I really believe in friendship between a man and a woman; especially if the woman asks to be made love to her, out of friendship. » « Music theory is simple: if it goes up, you go up, if it goes down, you go down, and if there is a downside, it's because it's sad. » A unique collection of profound or derisory maxims, combining dark humor and luminous paradoxes, accompanied by original graphic illustrations. An original and funny collector's item, delicious to read while pecking, at the bottom of your sofa, on your bike, on a plane or on the moon.
The author

Grégoire Lacroix, born under the sign of Libra, is "unbalanced" who owes his salvation only to the regular practice of naps and nonchalant humor. He has long sought his way at the risk of finding it: jazz guitarist, creator of photo-removals, lyricist of songs, member of the Alphonse Allais Academy, Minister of Associated Pleasures and Ambassador in Paris of the Free Republic of Frioul, Founder avoidance philosophy. A colorful author.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315003044