If two and two are four, Molière did not write Dom Juan...

Dominique Labbé

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The legend of a Molière who was both actor and writer took root long ago. Aren't we talking about the language of Molière? It will henceforth be appropriate to say: language of... Corneille. Indeed, Dominique Labbé demonstrates, in a way that is as methodical as it is disturbing, that the father of the pieces generally attributed to the pen of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin is the same as that of Le Cid. How ? Why ? This is the subject of this clear and courageous book. So here is a paving stone in the cultural pond, which attacks the greatest icon of French literature. But not only that: it's also a historical investigation teeming with revelations, a captivating human story and a truer-than-life dive into the birth of the modern entertainment industry.
The author

Dominique Labbé is a teacher and researcher at the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410736