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Voice from the Warsaw Ghetto

Michèle Goldstein-Narvaez, Alain Lipietz

18,00 €
Afterword by Alain Lipietz Through the story of her parents, survivors of the Warsaw ghetto, Michèle Goldstein-Narvaez offers us a document where love, the will to live, optimism, humor, lucidity, and a bit of luck too, triumph over the apocalypse. She brings to life the voices of the ghetto through found letters that her family exchanged in 1940. She recounts the journey of some across the world, the heartbreak and anxiety of separation, the adventure of her father and his mother, who survived in the sewers, but also the Polish Resistance and the expectation of the Allies. A historical and personal testimony which also allows us to understand the uprooting and the traces left by the Shoah on its victims and their descendants.
The author

Michèle Goldstein-Narvaez, former student of the ENS, is professor of higher chair in Letters. She is now a member of the think tank on secularism with the High Council for Integration. Alain Lipietz is an economist. He has published, among others: La SNCF et la Shoah. The Georges Lipietz trial against the State and SNCF (Les petits matins, 2011).

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315003808