Praise of make-up: from the cosmos to cosmetics

Camille Saint-Jacques

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Why do women wear makeup? The answers of the interested parties are often evasive: "To feel good..." Could they stop making up? "Nope !" The idea of ​​not wearing makeup can even be perceived as an attack on identity. In an elegant and luminous style, the author plunges us into a history of make-up that demonstrates the importance, since human beings have become civilized, of the cosmetic gesture. “Fixing up” is an art of compromise, of openness, a benevolent game rather than a deceptive artifice. Behind a lipstick, a mascara, there is a whole way of being, more nuanced, more enchanted, less violent than that of men.
The author

Born in 1956, Camille Saint-Jacques is a teacher and visual artist. He has published, among others: Artists, and after?, ed. Jacqueline Chambon, Nîmes, 1998. Contemporary Arts 1950-2000 (dir.), ed. Otherwise, Paris, 2002. La Maladresse (dir.), ed. Otherwise, Paris, 2003. Our Laziness, ed. Otherwise, Paris, 2005.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782353410040