Understanding Wikileaks

Olivier Tesquet, Aleksi Cavaillez

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Who is able today to give a valid and global definition of WikiLeaks? How was this organization born? With what means? Who is its creator, Julian Assange, really? How does his team work? Can WikiLeaks be considered a new journalistic model? What questions does he ask governments? What is its real influence on the world? What are his limits ? Olivier Tesquet, in contact with Julian Assange's teams and who has been following WikiLeaks since its inception, answers our questions through this simple and complete little guide, and allows us to understand the history and functioning of such an organization, as well as as the new questions that such a site raises in terms of democracy, journalism and legislation.
The author

A new media vector developing a certain journalistic activism, Wikileaks upsets the traditional model. The book proposes to understand how it works, in particular through an analysis of its creator, Julien Assange, but also by exposing the major affairs of the group or by studying its influence.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315002856