Understanding Sade

Marie-Paule Farina

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A feast of the body and above all a feast of words, Sade's work continues to reach us through the strange mixtures it creates. Philosophy ? Pornography? Prank call ? Like Madame de Saint-Ange in her boudoir, novelist Sade could exclaim: “I am an amphibious animal, I like everything, I enjoy everything, I want to unite all genres. Faithful to this Sadian concern for totality, this book follows the biographical, literary and philosophical journey of a man imprisoned under all regimes, victim of all despotisms and who knew how by his laughter and his pen to frighten the supporters of "good causes virtuous”. Today like yesterday, they can be recognized by their desire to “clean slate” of all the complexity and all the madness of the world. Do you think you know Sade? Think again !
The author

Marie-Paule Farina has been a Sade specialist since her university thesis. She was a professor of philosophy. ves Rouvière, designer, illustrated Freud (Hervé Castanet, Max Milo, 2011) and Marx and Capital (Denis Collin, Max Milo, 2011).

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315003570