Understanding Camus

Jean-Francois Mattei, Aseyn

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Albert Camus is the subject of many misunderstandings that it is time to clear up. This is the work that Jean-François Mattéi proposes to accomplish by offering us an innovative and enlightening reading of the work of this philosopher. He reminds us that the notion of "recognition" is at the heart of Camus' work and shows us that it is by approaching the three cycles of his work (the absurd, revolt, love) that we better understands his different positions: his radical rejection of the death penalty and the atomic bomb, his distrust of the revolution or his position in relation to Algeria. It also takes into account an intimate element of the construction of the philosopher and his thought: the love he had for his mother. A clear and exciting little book to (re)discover Camus.
The author

Jean-François Mattéi, member of the Institut universitaire de France, is professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. Among his latest works: The Trial of Europe (PUF, 2011) and The Indignant Man (Le Cerf, 2012). Aseyn is a freelance illustrator. He collaborated on the project Les autres gens (Dupuis, 2010-2012), published Le Palais de glace (Éditions L'Employé du Moi, 2012). He also works for the press and advertising.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315003860