The Arab Spring: A Manipulation?

Naoufel Brahimi El Mili

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Preface by Percy Kemp In 2011, the world believed in the spontaneity of the Arab Spring and the democratization of peoples. But these events would largely be the result of a web of manipulations… The popular uprisings would have been encouraged, even provoked, by the interests of the American government, supported by Qatar and its satellite channel Al-Jazeera. The religious or social icons imagined by the storytelling influenced the masses who also believed in a new order. But the alliance of democracy and Islam has not kept its promises: bloody repression of rebels, civil wars, armies taking power, Salafist commandos, Islamist terrorism, fraudulent elections... We are now witnessing the emergence of a new Arab disorder.
The author

A recognized specialist in the Maghreb, Naoufel Brahimi El Mili is a doctor of political science, professor at Sciences Po Paris and international media consultant on Arab countries. Percy Kemp is a writer and consultant in international relations, among others for the Arab world. He also maintains a blog on Rue 89.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315003747