United Arab Emirates

to conquer the world

Sébastien Boussois

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The World Expo will take place in Dubai between October 2021 and March 2022. The United Arab Emirates has sprung up in just a few decades, to sell itself as an enlightened, modern, liberal beacon amidst a dark and chaotic Arab world. The first country in the region to set up a "Vision" (Abu Dhabi Vision 2030), the UAE was able to quickly show off its success beyond its borders. This is the bright side. The dark side: the UAE contributes to the suffocation of democracies and the noise of boots to stifle the "Arab street". When they are not at war, they are interfering, as no Arab power has ever done before, in the affairs of another: Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan and probably other countries in the future. Abu Dhabi does not care about Arab democracies and revolutions: it is a veritable powder keg policy that the country has been engaged in for ten years and which announces new dangers for the balance of the region.
The author

Sébastien Boussois is a political science researcher associated with ULB (Brussels) and UQAM (Quebec)

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315008582