A difficult start to the month

Itinerary of a robber mother

Rose Anne Vicari

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On December 8, 2009, Rose-Anne Vicari, fifty years old, mother, receives an eviction notice for unpaid rent. A few hours later, she clumsily points her tobacconist with an alarm pistol to force him to lend her money. Alone with two dependent children, harassed by her department head in the town hall where she works, the situation in her home is gradually deteriorating. Rose-Anne becomes depressed. It's escalating: pile of bills, revolving credits, bank overdrafts and desperate spending. Rose-Anne Vicari is no exception. More than a news item, his acting out is the symptom of a time when one in two French people is afraid of becoming homeless. How long will it be before the working poor react and cry out, like Rose-Anne, that they no longer want to be "forgotten by society"? A vibrant testimony that reveals a strong writing, immersed in a harsh and moving human reality.
The author

Strangled by debt, Rose-Anne Vicari became clairvoyant by telephone. On this business she wrote in 2013 “Confessions of a clairvoyant” at Max Milo Editions.

188 pages | ISBN: 9782315001392