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Sophie Lucet

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Amélie Me, I often dream of a house with a father in it… Wendy (In English) Me, my whole life has been sold since I was in prison… Katia Me, I'm going out, this time for sure. Go Ciao girls, Inch'Allah see you next… Amélie Shut up Katia. What do women in prison talk about? What do those who are waiting for their men outside say to each other? This novel in the form of dialogues originates from meetings with women walled in, in the prison of Caen, the prison of Bollé in Bamako (Mali), and the association Chemins de Traverses (suburb of Caen) where some say the ills they experience separated from their loved ones, who are also prisoners. We have rarely gone as far as Sophie Lucet in sublimating the word of the excluded. We witness, accomplices, the great universal theater of madness, guilt, self-mockery, and the desire for freedom. Sophie Lucet, essayist, writer, is a lecturer in theater studies at the University of Caen/Basse-Normandie. She is the author of Poussin de Haie (The Pocket Book).
The author

Sophie Lucet is a lecturer in Theater Studies at the University of Caen. She specializes in cultural policies and is particularly interested in contemporary theatrical writing. After completing her thesis, 'The utopia of a language of representation: from Diderot to Artaud to the relations of words and images', she published three books on love legends in Europe which relate texts and photographs: 'Inès de Castro, the dead queen', Éditions de l'Inventaire, 1998, 'The architecture of jealousy, Vespasien de Gonzague', Éditions de l'Inventaire 1998, 'Les Amants de Tourlaville', Éditions de l 'Inventory 2000. In 2000, she co-signed with Pierre Michon the writing of two photographic portfolios inspired by the common theme of the Phoenix, 'Fenice or the fire of Venice', Éditions de la Ferac, 2000. She participated in the 'writing of collective works: 'Burning the boards, bursting the screen - The presence of the actor', Éditions l'Entretemps, 2001, The Theater on the screen, Cinemaction 1998, 'The theatrical adaptation, between obsolescence and resistance', Presses Universitaires de Caen, 2000, and carried out in 2000 a study for the SACD on the teaching nt of dance at university. In February 2002, she published her first novel, 'Poussin de Haie', with Albin Michel.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782914388801